Fascinated by the nation's political dynamic after Donald Trump assumed the presidential office in 2017, I photographed and wrote a magazine that focuses on individuals involved in the different aspects of the 2018 midterm election. By telling stories from a local level, the magazine helps put issues, policies, and their impact into context. It provides the audience with an in-depth human perspective of the election. Against the backdrop of unprecedented numbers of female candidates winning seats in Congress this year, the midterm elections in Ohio are an example of current political trends in the United States.

Story one: Grassroots play an indispensable role in elections. Communities rally a diverse group of volunteers and activists to canvass, phone bank, and organize voter educational events at the local level. 

Story two: Erica Crawley, a single mother of two and a veteran, refused to sit on the sideline after witnessing and experiencing sexism and racism first hand, decided to run for a seat in the Ohio House of Representatives. 

Story three:  Some Millennials and Generation X became first-time voters in the 2018 elections. The story focuses on the racial and political diversity of the first-time voters and the reasons to engage in their civic duty. 

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